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"It's time for Bold Leadership. We need transformative change, progress, and

Economic, Environmental & Racial

Justice for all."

-Amane Badhasso


Economic Justice

For decades, brutal trickle-down economic policies from the federal government have crushed working-class families across America, leading to stagnant wage growth and massive debt, all while the rich and big corporations have gotten richer and bigger. That’s why I support flipping our economic policy to trickle up by investing in working class families.

Health Care

I believe that healthcare is a human right and that every American deserves access to quality care and that nobody should be forced to choose between seeing their doctor or paying their bills. 

That’s why I’m proud to support Medicare For All including dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

Environmental Justice

Our state, our country, and our world are at a crossroads. We must address the climate change crisis now with bold, transformative action that will protect our planet. We must pass a Green New Deal that will massively scale down carbon emissions, meet 100% of our power demand through clean, renewable and zero-emission energy sources, and build energy efficient, distributed smart power grids to ensure access to affordable electricity.


The Republican Party continues to engage in a concerted effort to shatter Democratic norms and values in pursuit of political power. We need to go beyond just preserving our democracy as is, by expanding it, and solidifying it for generations to come.

Racial Justice

After George Floyd’s murder, the Twin Cities became the epicenter of the racial justice movement. In Congress, I will make racial justice a priority and work to ensure that our systems of public safety treat every community with the same level of respect and service. It’s clear that these current systems don’t work for many communities in this country.

Gun Violence

Every person in this country deserves to feel safe in their communities and every parent deserves to feel safe sending their kids to school.


Every child, regardless of what zip code they grow up in, deserves a world-class education. And every child deserves to be able to pursue higher education, regardless of their family’s wealth, and without straddling themselves into long-term debt.


Our immigration system is broken and fails to live up to the promise of the American Dream. Undocumented folks pay billions in taxes every year and they deserve to live with dignity.

Foreign Policy

As a former child refugee, I care deeply about ensuring that our foreign policy reflects the best interests of both American and global citizens. My approach centers around strengthening soft power, maintaining stability and order, advancing development, and combating poverty.

LGBTQ+ Rights

As attacks on our LGBTQ+ community increase, I fully commit to being a staunch and unabashed ally of the community.

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