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"It's time for Bold Leadership. We need transformative change, progress, and

Economic, Environmental & Racial

Justice for all."

-Amane Badhasso


Healthcare that Works for Everyone

Healthcare is a fundamental human right. We need to ensure that every person has access to quality care and that no one is forced to choose between seeing their doctor or paying their bills. Amane strongly supports Medicare for All and in Congress she will fight for Healthcare justice that includes:

  • Lowering the cost of prescription drugs and holding Big Pharma accountable for price-gouging

  • Expanding access to Paid Sick Time, Paid Family and Medical Leave and Universal Childcare

  • Codifying Roe v Wade as the law of the land and repealing the Hyde Amendment to provide all people with access to abortion care

Empower the Working Class and

Build a Stronger Middle Class

The working class built Minnesota and our country. Amane grew up in a working class community in St Paul and understands the importance of a hard day's work, a fair wage and the ability to provide for your family. In Congress, Amane will put working people first and fight for an American Dream agenda that includes:

  • A fair and progressive tax system that ensures the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share and ending the corporate tax loopholes

  • A $15 minimum wage that is indexed to the cost of living and inflation

  • Support for our unions and protection for every workers' right to join a union

  • Protection for renters, homeowners and the unhoused by standing up to the big banks and the special interests who have made homeownership unattainable for too many

  • Federal legislation to codify a Renters Bill of Rights

  • A Federal Jobs Guarantee so every American can earn a living

  • Fair-trade deals that ensure American workers are protected and human rights are respected

  • Social Security expansion

  • Equal pay for equal work for all people

Address the

Climate Change Crisis

Our state, our country and our world are at a crossroads. We must address the climate change crisis now with bold, transformative action that will protect our planet. We must pass a Green New Deal that will:

  • Reduce carbon emissions 

  • Meet 100% of our power demand through clean, renewable and zero-emission energy sources

  • Build energy efficient, distributed smart power grids to ensure access to affordable electricity

  • Invest in high-speed rail, public transportation and zero-emission vehicle infrastructure

Access to Quality Education

Amane is a proud product of Minnesota’s public schools. With access to a quality education, Amane knows firsthand that our children can build a strong and prosperous future. In Congress, Amane will:

  • Fight for universal pre-school for every 3 and 4 year old

  • Fight for tuition-free college and vocational education

  • Fight to cancel student loan debt

Racial Justice for All

For too long the needs of our communities have been overlooked. We need to take bold action to achieve racial justice to bring equity and equality to all communities, including indigenous communities. In Congress, Amane will fight for criminal justice reform that includes: 

  • Legalization of marijuana and expungement of records for marijuana related charges

  • Public Safety investments that protect our communities and ensure the safety and the wellbeing of everyone

  • Investments in mental health, social services, education, housing and economic opportunities in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities

  • Reparations that will address the historical injustice of slavery and structural racism in our communities

  • Pay equity that will address the racial wealth gap

Build a Stronger Democracy

America is only as strong as our democracy and for too long our democratic institutions have been under attack. Amane knows the threat of unstable and undemocratic governments. In Congress, Amane will stand up to the powerful special interests and ensure we put our values first by: 

  • Ending Citizens United and getting dark money and corporate money out of our politics

  • Rejecting donations from Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Wall Street, the Defense Industry, their executives and their corporate lobbyists

  • Fighting for automatic voter registration at the age of 18 and automatic voting rights restoration for anyone upon the completion of their sentence

  • Making election day a federal holiday and expanding access to early voting and vote by mail

  • Fighting back against extremists attacks limiting access to voting and voter registration

  • Restoring the Voting Rights Act by passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

  • Ending gerrymandering and ensuring a fair redistricting process