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Foreign Policy

As a former child refugee, I care deeply about ensuring that our foreign policy reflects the best interests of both American and global citizens. My approach centers around strengthening soft power, maintaining stability and order, advancing development, and combating poverty. 


I support:

  • Diplomacy-centered foreign policy by increasing investments and resources for the state department, international humanitarian aid efforts, and the promotion of democracy 

  • Reducing our military budget to fulfill our defense needs without enriching military contractors at the expense of taxpayers

  • Fully funding Veterans Affairs and prioritizing veteran care 

  • Ending our approach to endless wars and regime change around the world

  • Limiting the sale of American-made weapons to countries carrying out genocide and atrocities 

  • Finally closing Guantanamo Bay

  • Increased focus on global development, fighting global poverty, and ensuring human security and stability

  • International fair trade that aligns on human rights, wages, and environmental policy

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