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Racial Justice

After George Floyd’s murder, the Twin Cities became the epicenter of the racial justice movement. In Congress, I will make racial justice a priority and work to ensure that our systems of public safety treat every community with the same level of respect and service. It’s clear that these current systems don’t work for many communities in this country. 


That’s why I will fight for:

  • Public Safety investments that protect our communities and ensure the safety and the well-being of everyone

  • Demilitarizing the police

  • Ending cash-bail, the school to prison pipeline, mandatory minimum sentences, and solitary confinement

  • Legalizing weed and expunging records for cannabis-related charges

  • Decriminalizing drug use and investing in treatment programs

  • Investments in mental health, social services, education, housing and economic opportunities in Black, Brown and Indigenous communities

  • Modern-day reparations that will address the historical injustice of slavery and structural racism in our communities

  • Pay equity that will address the racial wealth gap

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