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Economic Justice

For decades, brutal trickle-down economic policies from the federal government have crushed working-class families across America, leading to stagnant wage growth and massive debt, all while the rich and big corporations have gotten richer and bigger. That’s why I support flipping our economic policy to trickle up by investing in working class families.


I support: 

  • A fair and progressive tax system that ensures that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share while ending corporate tax loopholes

  • The PRO Act which ensures every worker has the ability to join a union

  • A federal jobs guarantee

  • Reinstating the Child Tax Credit, which had briefly reduced childhood poverty by 30%

  • Fully funding social services such as food stamps and 

  • A federal $15 minimum wage that is indexed to inflation

  • A Renters Bill of Rights to protect renters from predatory landlord practices

  • Increased federal investment in affordable housing and standing up to the big banks and the special interests who have made homeownership unattainable for too many

  • Recognizing housing as a human right and protecting unhoused people from criminalization

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